Introducing MemorySil™

MemorySil™ is a unique shape-memory rubber. It’s a silicone that learns new shapes and remembers them for a while. MemorySil™ can be made soft, even exquisitely soft, so it can be shaped by the gentlest of pressures. It’s so accommodating that it can learn the shape of just about anything, including your fingerprints!

But don’t try to change its shape too quickly. MemorySil™ needs time to forget its old shape and learn a new one. If you’re impatient and try to reshape it with a hammer, it’ll barely budge. How long it takes MemorySil™ to shift from one shape to another is adjustable. Some MemorySils™ are quick to adapt and others are slow learners.

When MemorySil™ is left alone, it gradually returns to the shape in which it was made. How strongly it returns toward that original shape depends on its softness, which is also adjustable. The softest MemorySils™ return so gently that you can barely feel them trying to recover their original shapes. Firmer MemorySils™ return strongly enough to support significant weight or pressure.

MemorySil’s™ ability to conform to a new shape and then maintain that shape against sudden influences makes this material ideal for human padding applications. It will take your shape perfectly, support you evenly, and protect you from the bumps and jostles of everyday life.

MemorySil’s™ gentle return toward its original shape makes it ideal for seals, human or otherwise. You can push it into a new shape, insert it where it needs to be, and let it gradually return toward its original shape. When it encounters surfaces, it will seal against them perfectly with a gentle pressure.

Lou Bloomfield

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